C. P. Braman & Co., Inc. provides real estate consulting services for estate tax planning, ad valorem tax assessment, zoning matters, land use and highes and best use issues, etc.

Ad Valorem Tax Assessment - We represent the Shaker Heights City School District and Solon City School district in property tax matters and provide both legal services through our attorney Robert G. Reith, Esq. and valuation services. We represent these districts at the Cuyahoga County Board of Revision and provide valuation support at the Appeals level. We also provide valuation services to property owners in other districts.

Estate Tax Planning - We provide appraisal and consulting services to attorneys, trust officers and property owners to assist in decision making for estate planning. We are able to complete all necessary IRS forms for estate tax purposes.

We recently appraised a decedent's small partial interest in a portfolio of properties including several apartment complexes, office buildings and a shopping center for estate tax purposes. In one instance, the decedent owned a 2.94118% interest in a large apartment complex. The value of his interest was determined by valuing the entire property and discounting the value appropriately to reflect the lack of liquidity of his partial interest.

Zoning and Highest & Best Use - We provide consulting services on zoning and highest & best use issues. We recently consulted with the City of Cleveland Heights regarding the effects of a municipal salt storage facility on surrounding property values.