C. P. Braman & Co. Inc. provides appraisal services for litigation proceedings. We have been involved in litigation for condemnation, tax assessment, property damage due to underground gas deposits, and zoning issues. Some examples include:

  • Shemo v. Mayfield Hts., Ohio: C. P. Braman & Co. was brought in late in this 15 year zoning battle, by Mansour, Gavin, Gerlack & Manos to determine the diminution of value to the property because a zoning change was denied by the City of Mayfield Heights many years earlier. We were hired by the City in response to an order by the Supreme Court to determine the diminution in value to the property as a result of this taking. The case was settled.
  • ODOT v. Omni-Westfield, LLC: C. P. Braman & Co., Inc. was hired by the owner, Omni-Westfield, in this appropriations case wherein the State of Ohio sought to take a 171 acre parcel of property from the owner in order to make highway improvements at I-71 and St. R. 224. The parties disagreed as to the fair market value of the property. Verdict: After a four day trial the jury found on behalf of the Defendant.
  • Cuyahoga County v. Viviani Family Ltd. Partnership: This property was the only parcel on the Crocker Stearns widening project to go to trial. We appraised over 50 properties on this project between I-480 and Lorain Road for Cuyahoga County. The Viviani Family Ltd. Partnership owns a shopping center on the corner of Stearns Road and Lorain Road and disagreed about the compensation offered by the County due to a perceived loss of parking spaces and potential damage to a tenants bank drive-through teller window. Emily Braman testified on behalf of the County in this case and the jury's resultant award was equal to the amount previously offered by the County.