Emily Braman has been providing appraisal review services to governmental agencies for 20 years. She was one of four appraisers in the state on the original list of ODOT pre-qualified fee reviewers in 1999. Prior to that, she developed a review format for the City of Cleveland which is still in use. The appraisal review process is required in the State of Ohio for all local public agencies with the power of eminent domain. The review process involves an independent fee appraiser from the beginning of the process working alongside the appraiser and the agency to assure that all appropriate standards and regulations are followed. The review appraiser does not substitute her judgment for that of the appraiser on questions of value, but does provide an independent means of verifying that the report is free from errors and has conformed to conventional appraisal practice and meets the standards of the agency.

A few large appraisal review projects that we have completed are as follows:

  • Appraisal Reviews for 300+ parcels on the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. These properties are located all along the Euclid Corridor and involve mostly strip takings and some total takings for the improvements to Euclid Avenue for the BRT project. The project was overseen by both the GCRTA and the Federal Transit Authority. There were four appraisers involved in this multi-year project. The property types included parking lots, loft style warehouse buildings, gas stations, abandoned buildings, properties owned by the Cleveland Clinic and other University Circle institutions, the Pierre's Ice Cream manufacturing plant and many others.
  • Appraisal Reviews of parcels on the Innerbelt Bridge for ODOT. These high profile properties include the Cleveland Cold Storage Building, Gillota Fuel Building, State Chemical Plant and others.
  • Appraisal Reviews of 61 residential and commercial parcels on Route 20 in Ashtabula County for ODOT. Issues on this project included proximity to residential homes, loss of access to a dry cleaners drive through window, loss of front parking on retail properties and others.
  • Appraisal Reviews of 84 parcels on Route 87 in Trumbull County. These appraisals involved strip takings for the widening of State Route 87 in Trumbull County for a buggy lane. The properties were rural and rural residential in nature and included many Amish farms.
  • Appraisal Reviews of 60 parcels on Bishop Road for the widening of the intersection of Bishop & Chardon Road to I-90 in Willoughby Hills and Wickliffe. The appraisals on this project included a car dealership, retail properties, houses with proximity damages, a shopping center, a drug store and others.
  • Appraisal Reviews of 33 parcels on East Market Street for the City of Akron. This project included a manufacturing plant which lost access to its loading dock.
  • Appraisal Reviews on Tuscarawas Bridge, 50 parcels for the City of Barberton. These properties included industrial properties with loss of parking, residential properties with proximity issues, a Burger King with a loss of access and many others.
  • Appraisal Reviews on LAK 20 Project, 120 parcels. This review project involved three appraisal firms and two municipalities. The appraisals were for the widening of Lake 20 in Painesville, Ohio. The property types were primarily commercial and there were several used car dealership properties with loss of front display space.
  • Appraisal Reviews of residential properties on Pelton Road for the City of Willoughby.
  • Appraisal Reviews of 100 parcels by 3 appraisal firms on MAH/TRU 711. These parcels were primarily inner city residential properties and included a Trailer Park and some older commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Appraisal Reviews 135 appraisals reviews of residences in the Cleveland Hopkins Airport Noise Abatement Project Area - 1991-1994. These were appraisals of occupied homes which were purchased by the City of Cleveland due to proximity to the airport. These appraisals conformed to FAA requirements.